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John Dies At The End

If you’ve got an hour or two to kill, and like to spend your time reading mindfuck novels, this is a good one for an afternoon’s stoned amusement.  It’s called John Dies At The End. Self described by this opening line:

“There is a certain chance that the contents of this website will have an effect similar to Satan eating your brain and shitting it back into your skull.”

Another mindfuck novel that’s worth a read is Fallen Nation: Babylon Burning by James Curcio. It’s a sort of sequel to Join My Cult, and it’s a sort of crisscross of mythical paranoias, like the bad acid trip you never really had. I mean that in a good way. P. Emerson Williams’ illustrations grace this as well. He’s a visual artist and musician, one of the originators of the Choronzon project. (I am the other one.  I’ve lapsed terribly as of late, but there may be new noise sculpting on the event horizon. For more on that, it’s best to read my 8-years-running Livejournal, Elevated Highway. The Vulture Does Not Review Her Own Work, that would be lame.)

On Fridays, let’s start throwing Psychedelic Fruit at you. This aims to be a somewhat weekly film review column–but the only films I review here shall be those awful lower-than-low-budget, grindhouse reels, all either from the late 60s and early ’70s, or just seem like they could have been, or should have. The kind in which the actors float and prance about, too high to follow the script–which hardly matters, being that there doesn’t seem to be one. Some of these flicks so bad you should probably call them ‘C’ movies.


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