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Donovan’s Screedlings

Everyone has heard “Mellow Yellow” and “Sunshine Superman”…but Donovan wrote some other candyland poetry, which reminds me a little of that of Richard Brautigan, but less drunken, more flower-powerish:

I’ve never seen a jerking man touch a flower
never seen a fast man dig the slowness
never seen the dream-end of the ridiculous state the world is in

never seen anger in Joanny when the hate-words of confused
minds lap her shores.

I’ve seen Derroll Addams cry —
so full of us all that he spills over his cheeks
(I pray he sees tomorrow’s sun)
I’ve seen bewildered rambling streams of blood on black skin
I’ve seen V-Bombers growing in a field of insulated grass
daring their masters
I’ve seen the advertisement
beside photographs of mutilated Vietnamese children
I’ve seen the has-been, the could have been
an’ the should have been in the glazed gaze of “passers-by”
I’ve seen the “LITTLE PRINCE” in many people an’ felt happy
I’ve seen people scorn me an’ warn me it’s never torn me
I’ve seen the dream of Freedom ………
a sometimes fading image.

Donovan is also one of the few 60’s icons still not only quite alive, looking fairly well-preserved, but also he’s apparently still performing. He’s released a DVD this year, to be in step with the whole Woodstock anniversary schtick, and will be doing concerts in 2010. He’s not avoiding technology, and I’d have thunk he’d be the last one to actually get a website, but he’s got one, complete with blog, and it is at http://www.donovan.ie/ (Note: it’s a Flash site with music that you can’t turn off–his web designer needs a spanking) or if you can deal with MySpace pages, his is here.


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