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I used to have a Rotten Tomatoes blog called “Psychedelic Fruit”. With any luck, this may become some sort of irregular featurette here: reviews of schlocky acid filmography.

Let’s begin with two movies from the late ’60s about the permissive drug culture that existed on the Spanish isle of Ibiza. For a long time, apparently, the laws in Spain were sort of hazy about drugs and what now gets called “drug tourism” happened there frequently, although nowadays they’re sadly apparently cracking down a lot more on it.

The first one of these films – More– is, in this writer’s estimation, fairly good. The second – Hallucination Generation –  was found to be about as lame as eating crap blotter and watching Dragnet for 5 hours, without some fun person along for the ride with you with whom you could laugh about how silly it was.

Filmic oddities were awfully hard to find in the days before these glory days of the Internet’s tentacles being able to provide anyone who’s got about $35 a month to spend for connectivity with instant accessibility to damn near everything ever made.  In my high school days–which were the early eighties– I was a rabid Pink Floyd fan, one of those “I-own-every-album-they-ever-made” types. I also had a coffee table book about Pink Floyd that mentioned that the album More was a soundtrack for a film made by Barbet Schroeder, although no further information was offered on the film. (Probably because it had not been too successful, and the band didn’t seem to care much for the album, either.)

So not only could More be found in nary a video store, it seemed that even information on it was scarce.  The same was true of Obscured By Clouds and Zabriskie Point, two other films from this era that Pink Floyd soundtracked. I had to wait until I became an adult – or rather, a Berkeley student – before I I finally got to see those latter two Floyd films playing at revival houses. I loved both of them, particularly the latter…which could have had something to do with all the acid, but I don’t think that was entirely responsible for my fondness for them.

But still, More was nowhere to be found: I thought maybe they ought to change the name to Less. 

Then a whole bunch of years and lots more messing around in my mental la-dee-dah lands went by and it actually wasn’t until this bloody year of 2009 that I was able to finally find Moreand watch it–although if I had a credit card, I could’ve ordered it years sooner. 



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