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The Retro Age Vintage Fabrics Flickr Pool has gobs and gobs of paisley prints, florals, geometrics, op-artish-moire-patterny eyeblinders, and other dayglo hallucinations.

Once upon a time, at some point likely somewhere between 20 and 40 years ago, these patterns all fell onto people’s clothing while they (or their cohorts) were having acid trips* and stuck there. And then, 20 to 40 years later, perhaps the Vulture finds it on a dress that actually fits her at Goodwill or at one of those “dollar-an-item” or “clothes-by-the-pound” places over on Valencia St. and she buys it, so that she can keep the hallucination alive a little longer.

Hallucinations stay alive by being seen by people–whether inside or outside their brains; they die when no one looks at them any more for long enough. However, with enough love and/or drugs, they can be resurrected…especially if some fashion manufacturer who’s willing to make big comfy stuff that actually also looks good uses bolts of fabric looking like stuff from this Flickr pool, to hold the hallucinations all rolled up nicely, until ready to be returned to wearability again.

*Or maybe just having some of those dreams that makes them say stuff like “Oh…Wow, man!” upon reawakening.


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