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The Vulture Flies

Okay, this is finally happening.

WordPress is much easier to use when you don’t have the thing on your own server, constantly failing and not updating itself unless you keep up with every little new eensy-ness either it, or SQL, adds to itself.

The author of this blog has spent the past–whatizzit now, two, almost three years–dealing with a long term relationship that went south…and then, after that, she then had to spend a bunch more time dealing with the fucking aftermath of it, the effects of shutting the brain completely down because every emotion is nothing but pain–until 3 years have gone by and it has been shut down for so long that half the brain forgets how to feel stuff and thus also loses the energy that makes it able to do stuff effectively, as well.

During this extended period, she has had way too much time on her mind. It’s better to have too much time on your hands. At least, in that situation, you’re picking it up and doing things with it. She wasn’t. Instead, for nearly four years now–Jeez, Louise, has it really been that long?!–the only thing she’s been able to muster the will to do has been downloading a lot of videos, plus a few podcasts and music files here and there, but mostly films and other videos–and also, looking at a lot of websites and .pdfs.

Most of what the Vulture picks out to distract herself with has some general tie-in with her interests…meaning, it’s either psychedelic looking, or feeling, or sounding in some way–and/or it deals with subject matter connected in some way to altered states and the sorts of people who experience them, and the phenomena that cause them to be able to do that, including but not limited to the big D word.

(Drugs won’t be blathered about too much here, but that’s only because there’s a “sister blog” to this one called Outlaw Anodyne specifically for that purpose.)

The Vulture is a middle-aged wacknut San Francisco woman who, even at the late age when people started calling her “lady”, still hasn’t grown out of the whole schtick of being a stoner chick. Odds are, she likely will not any time soon, either. She’s 44, as of the end of 2009, meaning that the 1980s were like the Sixties to her: she was there, so can’t remember them too well. So she makes a point of watching all the movies she saw back then again, now, so that they CAN be remembered…and also help dredge up worthwhile memories of a youth people tell her was misspent. But she knows better.

The Vulture has no shame about being a scavenger who just picks up stuff the rest of the world left for dead. It makes her live. It’s been the only thing that does, sometimes. Other net-wanderers are invited to gain the benefit of her experiences, and decide whether some particular item is download-worthy, or–if you do everything the legit way–worthy of actually owning or renting.

Note: Just because the Vulture might like a thing doesn’t necessarily make it good–and just because she dislikes a thing doesn’t make it bad.  Read the reviews, but think for yourself: a review is merely a monologue describing an experience: in this case, that of the Vulture.  Yours may differ wildly. Or tepidly. But hopefully, wildly.

PS: The Vulture does not always refer to herself in the third person: although for some inane reason, she tends to do it a lot here. This might have something to do with her being a creature who lives on carrion…especially the sort of carrion that gets discussed on this blog.


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